Our Story

In a world where taste is becoming everything, people are increasingly becoming aware of their eating habits. This is where we decided to make a difference.

 Why We Started?

My family usually had the habit of eating sweets which usually consists of processed sugar and other processed ingredients like Palm Oil, Emulsifiers, Preservatives, etc. Seeing the changing lifestyle and their age, we urged them to stop having processed foods and adopt healthy food habits. But it was really difficult for them to give up.

But Why? Right? This is the good thing for them. We asked ourselves the same question. And.........

We researched about human habits and its correlation with food, we realised that slowly, eating processed becomes a habit and our bodies get addicted to it. It becomes a part of your lifestyle which we don't even realise that while consuming them. And this habit (addiction) is not easy to give up.


It’s then the idea of REAL healthy habits hit us and KHARI was born.

Real Ingredients. Real Nutrition. Real Flavours.


What’s in it? Real ingredients, Whole Nutrition, Gut Friendly, Healthy Calories, Essential Micronutrients and Lots of love.

What’s out? Bad Calories, Processed Sugar, Preevrvaties, Flavouring / Color agents, Palm Oil


We are driven by the purpose of providing REAL food with REAL ingredients to everyone and helping them adopt healthy habits in their lifestyle, early in their life.

Before Khari, you had to choose between healthy and Tasty. Now, you only have to choose what all you crave for and we take care of the rest for you!

We believe food should do more.

At Khari, we’re a team of nutrient obsessed wellness enthusiasts.

But we are also, REAL people, with REAL jobs and REAL commitments.

We want the best start to our days, just like you do. Each individual is on his/her own wellness journey, and we’ve been on ours for over 35 years. We value not just the foods we make, but also how we make them: by being progressive and mindful of sustainable and ethical farming practices.

Inside every box, bag and wrapper, there’s not just REAL food, but a REAL food philosophy at work. Our passion around REAL nutrition means we go the extra mile, so you don’t have to. At Khari, we believe life is for living - so get out and live it! And leave the nutrition you need to fuel you, to us.


Our Value & Beliefs


Like our food, our beliefs are pretty straightforward. We believe in doing life your way, having fun in the kitchen, and surrounding yourself with those who support your dreams. Our family’s mission is to nourish world kind with a hug, good vibes, and a delicious dose of fresh, whole food nutrition. To us, that’s the recipe to make life a little more, well, perfect!