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Real Ingredients. Real Nutrition. Real Flavours.

Our Tryst With 'REAL'ity

In a world where taste is becoming everything, people are increasingly becoming aware of their eating habits. This is where we decided to make a difference.

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  • Manisha, Maharashtra

    I have been using kesar from local market this time i tried khari kesar as it's a++ grade... Very good and better than that I used

  • Jatin, Delhi

    Better than saffola which we use regularly.. fast delivery and good packing.

  • Ahsaan Khan

    Taste are very good and also quality.
    I've never taste ghee like this in my whole life.

  • Harsh Musaddi

    I liked the size and taste of the dates, with very good packaging. Good price for the taste and quality of the dates.

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