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Khari Foods

Premium Kashmiri Mamra Almonds | Khari Foods (1kg)

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Khari Foods Mamra Almonds are rarest and highest quality almonds found around the world. Sourced from authentic farms, these almost have highest nutritional value and are an amazing source of multiple health benefits. 
Mamra Almonds are the produced in very low quantity only around a particular time of the year since these almonds needs special farming needs and are produced without the use of any chemicals or pesticides.
  • Khari Foods Mamra Almonds are low in carbohydrates but high in protein, healthful fats, and fiber. Eating almonds as a mid-morning snack can leave a person feeling full for some time and helps in loose weight.
  • Almonds are said to be one of the world’s most loved tree nuts that are highly nutritious and filled with fats, antioxidants including vitamins and minerals.
  • Just 28g of almonds contains one-eighth of a person’s daily protein needs.
  • Almonds are high in fat, but it is unsaturated fat. This type of fat does not increase the risk of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or “bad” cholesterol.Just 28g of almonds contains one-eighth of a person’s daily protein needs.
  • Khari Foods aims to give you a product of the top-notch quality with the most natural taste. Our offerings have no artificial additives and are free of preservatives so as to benefit our consumers.

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